by LocTran

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released June 11, 2015



all rights reserved


LocTran Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: This Ain't My Gamegirl
why, oh why are we still stapling each others hands to each others pants I can't remember the last time we were alone. I'm so sick of influenza and you're getting tired of hearing me cough I try to explain how your head's in my brain, and this ain't working out

this ain't my game, girl. this ain't my game. I tried so hard not to play. this ain't' my game

you lied to me tell me what your name really used to be in arabic shorthand so I wont remember. All my friends went home and got their red flags but I caved in I wanted to spend another coin
Track Name: I Lied, I Like You
wake up, I'm tired. grow up, retire. stay drunk, get higher. get some, I liked it

I lied, I like it.
I lied, I like you

break up, expire. your house, on fire. fuck up, get fired. I died, you liked it
Track Name: We Are The Same
I want to ask you out, I'm not a part of your plan. gonna single you out, try and make you understand.

I try, I try, oh I
I tried, I tried, oh my

we are the same, we all go gray
we are the same, we all go away

I want to drag you out, gonna ask you again. start to tell me how, you have a pretty girlfriend